Welcome to Kantishna Roadhouse
Denali National Park, Alaska

Full-Service Backcountry Lodge & Cabins In Denali Park

The Kantishna Roadhouse offers a once in a lifetime Alaskan travel experience. Located 90 miles into the pristine natural wonder of Denali National Park in a remote area where few are lucky enough to travel, you will find adventure, tranquility and an escape from every-day modern life. Come and experience true Alaskan hospitality in this historic back country lodge.

Kantishna Roadhouse

Your all-inclusive stay provides private bus transportation into the heart of Denali Park, deluxe log cabin accommodations, meals, a variety of daily activities, hiking opportunities, naturalist programs and the chance to observe wildlife and experience the breathtaking scenery of Denali Park — Gold panningup close and personal.

Indulge yourself with a massage, a hike or bike ride alongside a sparkling creek, a glass of wine on the deck of your cabin or simply some quiet time immersed in the spectacular surroundings. Whatever you choose to do while you are here, we’re certain it will be an experience unlike any other. We invite you to be transformed in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Plan your trip to the Kantishna Roadhouse

Plan your adventure to Denali National Park. Let us help you find the perfect options and dates for transporation and lodging to stay at the Kantishna Roadhouse. Click here to check our availability, click here to request a brochure or call us toll-free at (800) 942-7420 to speak with us.