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Kantishna Roadhouse is owned and operated by Doyon, Limited, whose shareholders are primarily Athabascan descent and have ties to the land that date back thousands of years. Doyon is the Alaska Native regional corporation for the Interior and was created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. As an Alaskan Native enterprise, Kantishna Roadhouse works closely with the National Park Service to educate visitors about the historic uses of the park by the Native peoples before arrival of western culture. Starting in 1996, Kantishna Roadhouse incorporated Alaska Native culture in their interpretative programs.


The River ran through the lives of our grandparents; it runs through our lives; it will run through the lives of our grandchildren. A dynamic force masked by a static constancy, the River will speak to those who listen—our land speaks.


Doyon values its relationship to the Place of our people: to our land, our culture, our way of life. We value our Place as the historical successor to our grandparents’ ownership and stewardship of our land; as the fiduciary for our shareholders; as the trustee for our grandchildren’s inheritance. We are intimately, subtly and profoundly connected to our Place—our corporate values flow from this sense of Place.

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Wildflower Special

10% off at Kantishna Roadhouse for reservations on select dates in July and August.