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Denali National Park is a wonderful place to backpack. There aren’t the trails like many places in the lower 48. Instead you use a map and plan your own adventure. There are no trails, designated routes, or backcountry campsites. The terrain can be slow going and crossing streams needs to be planned for. Remember you want to enjoy your adventure in the park.

Denali Park Terrain Near the Road
Denali Park Terrain Near the Road

The Backcountry Information Center (BIC) is where you start your trip. There is a permitting process that takes about an hour. Everyone in your party must attend. The park only allows a limited number of people in each area of the park. You are encouraged to learn about the different areas of the park but be ready to be flexible in your destination. Bear Resistant Food Containers are require and may be borrowed free of charge. If you have your own make sure they are on the approved list.

USGS topographic quad maps are available for purchase at the Backcountry Information Center (BIC). A compass will really help. A GPS is another tool that can be useful but remember that they do run out of batteries. Both a compass and a GPS are only useful if you know how to use them. Learn how to work with them before you set off on your journey. You will need to know of any closed areas

After you know where in the park you are going, head over to the Wilderness Access Center which is adjacent to The Backcountry Information Center (BIC). You will also need to buy a bus ticket to get to your drop off destination. Have a great trip.

Getting a Backcountry Permit

Bear Resistant Food Containers

A Denali Backpacking Guide

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