Panning For Gold In Denali National Park May Yield Big!

We recently received some feedback from a couple that visited Kantishna last summer, as part of their Denali Park tour with Kantishna Wilderness Trails, and wanted to share it:

“As part of our recent Denali Wilderness Tour, we visited your Kantishna  Roadhouse. (June 2012). We were greeted warmly, provided a fantastic soup and sandwich with ice  cold lemonade, and then we were given the option of a dog sledding demonstration or panning for gold.

Gold Panning In Kantishna, AlaskaGold Panning In Kantishna, Alaska
We opted for panning for gold, as it was on my ‘bucket list’. What a great time at we had at your place.  My wife and I may have only found 3 tiny chips of placer gold, but the memory will last a lifetime.

Thanks for a great time, great food, and great employees. One experienced woman and a new trainee helped us with our gold panning endeavors, and they were fantastic! We will recommend your place to anyone going to Alaska.”

We are so pleased that you enjoyed your trip and made such great memories. That’s what we love to hear!

4 thoughts on “Panning For Gold In Denali National Park May Yield Big!”

  1. Robert Poggemann

    we will be coming to delani park in 2016 (about 8/6/16 to 8/10/16 ) and would like to try our hand at panning gold for a day, sight seeing and hopefully some fishing. we are looking for info. on panning gold in this area?

  2. Hello Robert, thank you for your inquiry! We offer gold panning at the Kantishna Roadhouse, and as an optional activity during our Kantishna Wilderness Trails day trip into the historic gold mining district of Kantishna, in Denali National Park. Learn more about our day trip here: You can also call us toll-free at (800) 230-7275 if you have further questions. We hope to see you next summer in Kantishna!

  3. michael grajcar Arcadia michigan

    My 12 year old son and I flew to Kantishna from Michigan to hike and pan gold. An invitation from the Wheeler bros got us 17 mi up moose creek from Kantishna to their placer mine. We went down the creek a ways to pan and catch grayling for dinner. we stayed with them in a cabin that was flown in from Fairbanks. Dinner the first nite was grizzly bear! Apparently in the night the bear came thru the side of the cabin (rather than the door) and was dispached in self defence. Since the camp was full the first night we slept out on the treeless tundra,with a small lab pup to warn us if bears showed. In the middle of the night,we ran for the ,,cabin, naked as jay birds, clothes and shoes a’flying. We slept on the floor that nite. The bears,grizzly bears!, showed every nite!, so we slept on the floor. The story goes on and gets better but I’ll leave it with this, , for now.

    bears showed every nite!


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