Nenana Raft Adventures

Nenana Raft Adventures
Mile 238 Parks Hwy. – PO Box 500 – Healy AK

1-800-789-RAFT – In Denali: 683-RAFT –

Choose from two different raft configurations. We have several rafting options available for visitors to the Denali Park area. With over 60 miles of river to choose from, the Nenana has peacefully calm, non-whitewater sections as well as large volume Class IV whitewater.

Paddle Rafting

The guide is located in the stern of the raft and calls out paddle commands like “forward,” “back-paddle,” left-turn,” “right-turn,” order to maneuver the raft. Passengers participate in a co-ordinated team effort as they travel downstream.

Oar Rafting

The guide is located in the center of the raft, seated within a rowing frame. The rowing frame is secured to the raft and has oarlocks. The raft is controlled solely by the guide who rows a set of oars to maneuver the raft.

Trips can vary in length from 1 1/2 hour whitewater thrillers through the Nenana Gorge to multi-day helicopter supported trips which launch within sight of the Nenana’s source glaciers.

Nenana Raft Adventures offers rafting adventures in other locations in Alaska with some that include fly-in and camping. For more information about these trips visit:

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