Daily Naturalist Presentations

Every evening at the Roadhouse, one of our naturalist speakers presents on an educational and exciting topic about Kantishna, Denali, or the surrounding area.

We are always rotating in new presentations about various topics related to the Alaskan wilderness. Below are a few of the exciting presentations we have in our rotation.

Pioneering Denali

How Early Denali Mountaineers Did the Unthinkable

The first group to summit Denali did so on June 7, 1913, but they weren’t the first ones to try. The true strength and grit of the early mountaineers paved the way for our modern climbers. Join this presentation to hear fun stories of those “crazies” and some information on present day “crazies.”


Adapt or Die

Survival in the Subarctic

Denali’s subarctic climate would be downright cruel to most animals, but those native to Denali have learned to adapt, because they had to survive. From the arctic ground squirrel to the grizzly bear, hibernation and layers of fur have helped these animals thrive for thousands of years. Join this presentation to learn how some of Denali’s most amazing creatures survive the extremes of the unique subarctic climate.


Off The Grid

A Look At Modern Subsistence Living

The Alaskan wilderness offers plenty of food and supplies to live off…if you’re willing to work for it. Join us for a comparison of Heimo Korth & Dick Proenneke, two men who left society to live isolated in the Alaskan wilderness. Learn how they’ve made it work off the grid, and how their lifestyles differ from native subsistence residents.


Geologic History of the Alaska Range

Where Did the Alaskan Mountain Range Come From?

We all know about Denali, but how did it become the tallest peak in North America? As part of the Alaska Range, Denali was created in part by tectonic activity from the Denali fault and the Hines Creek Fault. In this presentation, learn the stories behind these rocks and how the Alaskan Range became the most prominent series of mountains in North America.


Alaska’s Food Systems

How “Farm To Fork” Works In The 49th State

With only a few major cities and limited food suppliers, Alaska’s food system has a history all of its own. From natives who lived off the land for thousands of years, to pioneers who helped cultivate a modern food system, to the current day food sources that are distributed all across the state, Alaska’s food system has become more sophisticated in recent years. Join us as we explore the different food systems in Alaska and how they came to be.


Interconnectedness in Denali National Park

How Mosquitos Live In Harmony With Grizzlies

Denali’s vast ecosystem supports a wide variety of plants, insects, and animals, from ground squirrels, to arctic grayling, to moose and caribou. Join us for a look at the community ecology of Denali’s ecosystem as we compare the relationships and interactions between the flora and fauna that surround Kantishna.

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August 24, 2021 National Park Service Announcement
Denali Park Road Closed To All Traffic beyond Mile 42

Due to the unsafe conditions posed by landslide activity the Denali Park Road is closed. The Kantishna Roadhouse is closed for the season. The Kantishna Wilderness Tours bus tour is operating on very limited capacity for tours to Mile 42 through Sept 12.

The Kantishna Roadhouse is an “inholder” business and we must comply with the National Park Service. We are dismayed and saddened that we cannot keep our business open for the remainder of the 2021 season. And, as you can see, we have no choice but to cancel all overnight reservations beginning August 24th and through the end of the season. We will be sending you a cancellation notice and crediting you with a full refund.

Thank you for your understanding. I fully understand that you wanted to be at the Kantishna Roadhouse, rather than reading this and making other plans.

Best Regards,
Marie Monroe, General Manager