Kantishna, the Heart of Denali

Kantishna is the farthest point in Denali Park reachable by road, and it’s the closest you can get to the base of Denali without hiking or flying in. Denali Park Road, which meanders 92 miles through Denali National Park, dead ends in Kantishna Valley, a remote location of the park with only a few lodges mixed in among tall trees and secluded wilderness. The cabins and lodges of Kantishna Roadhouse rest on the banks of Moose Creek, crystal-clear stream that gently flows through the valley. The remote location of Kantishna makes it a true escape for your vacation. Established in 1905, Kantishna served as a gold mining town before becoming part of Denali National Park. You can expect a true taste of Alaska during your stay in Kantishna, as it is truly the heart of Denali National Park.

Rich Goldmining Past

In 1903, Judge James Wickersham found a little gold in the northern Kantishna Hills and staked four claims.  By 1904 numerous prospectors were exploring the Kantishna Hills and in very short order most of the creeks in the Kantishna Hills were staked from beginning to end.  By the fall of 1905, the small boom town of Eureka on Moose Creek at the mouth of Eureka Creek became the hub of the district.  Stores, a restaurant, a few cabins and about 20 tents were located in Eureka.  A post office was established there in late 1905 officially changing the name Eureka to Kantishna.  Over the years, this building became a focal point of the community, serving not only as the post office but also the commissioner’s office, and a place for travelers to spend the night.  The historic Kantishna Roadhouse still stands on its original site.

The Roadhouse

The modern Kantishna Roadhouse lodge is a contemporary facility with all the amenities you’ll need for a comfortable escape in Alaska. The lodge is fitted with a modern kitchen and dining area, and your stay at Kantishna Roadhouse includes meals throughout your stay. The cabins at Kantishna Roadhouse are cozy & comfortable, providing a quiet and pleasant place to sleep after a day exploring Denali or relaxing around Kantishna. The Roadhouse is also the only lodging option in Kantishna with a full-service bar and saloon. The surrounding wilderness and all-inclusive accommodations make Kantishna Roadhouse a premier choice for lodging in Denali National Park.

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