Kantishna Roadhouse Lodge is operating on a fly-in only basis for the 2024 summer season.
2024 Dates of Operation: June 4 – September 14

We operate on a fixed schedule of arrivals and departures. Stays begin on either a Tuesday or Saturday.

3 nights: Arrive on Saturday, depart on Tuesday
4 nights: Arrive on Tuesday, depart on Saturday
7 nights: Arrive and depart on Tuesday or arrive and depart on Saturday

Due to a major landslide in the Pretty Rocks section on the Denali Park Road in August of 2021, the road was closed at Mile 43 (approximately half way into the Kantishna Roadhouse) and will remain closed for the 2024 season. For more information on the road closure, please visit https://www.nps.gov/dena/learn/nature/pretty-rocks.htm.

Because we cannot drive to and from the Kantishna Roadhouse, we will be opening in 2024 on a much reduced basis by flying all of our guests, employees, and supplies to and from the lodge.

With only a small population of guests in the entire backcountry of the Park, guests will have a truly unique and exclusive experience during the 2024 season while the road is closed for repairs. We feel this is the perfect opportunity for travelers with a sense of adventure and the ability to build flexibility into their travel schedule.

Accessing Kantishna Roadhouse by Air

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Denali Air (denaliair.com) to provide our flight services in 2024. Denali Air is a locally-owned air taxi company. They have been in operation since 1970 and hold the distinction of being the original flightseeing company in Denali National Park.

Denali Air operates from their own private airstrip located at Mile 229.5 of the Parks Highway known as “Denali Private”.

Flights will be aboard small, 5-passenger aircraft that are limited to carrying 1,000 pounds. Therefore, we will be asking you for your weight (fully clothed with footwear) at the time of booking.

Recording passenger weights at the time of booking allows us to prepare the flight manifests ahead of time to balance passenger and luggage weights. (Each passenger will be required to step on the scale at Denali Air upon check-in, just to verify.)

Travel Light!

Baggage type and weight is also of critical importance. Each guest will be allowed one 25 pound, soft-sided, duffel-style bag. Bags will be weighed before they are loaded onto the aircraft so please pack thoughtfully.

Please bring a duffle bag that you can pack for the flight and your stay at the Kantishna Roadhouse. We will be able to store your larger bags for you.

In recognition that you will be ‘traveling light’ we will be offering complimentary laundry service during your stay. We also have raincoats, rain pants and rubber boots in a variety of sizes for your use. As well as water bottles, trekking poles and backpacks.

“Climate is what we expect, WEATHER is what we get.” – Mark Twain

Please be fully aware that all flights and flight times are subject to weather delays and/or, on rare occasions, may even be postponed by a day. And thus, it is very important that you have flexibility on both ends of your trip to Kantishna.

Denali Air flights originate out of the Park entrance area and if weather keeps flights on the ground there, guests ready to start their stay in Kantishna will be delayed in that location. Hotels in the Park entrance area may be fully booked during the busy summer season. If you have a rental car, you will have the option of driving/riding back to Fairbanks and returning the next day. Please keep that in mind.

If you are delayed for an additional night in Kantishna, you will, of course, have accommodations there but the delay could affect other plans that you may have for that night and the next day—please keep that in mind.

Getting To And From Denali National Park

We recommend that guests start their trip in Fairbanks, Alaska. Fairbanks has many hotel options. The distance from Fairbanks to Denali Air is 128 miles and a comfortable 2.5 hour journey by car or bus.

Rental cars are a good choice for travel to and from Denali and there are several car rental companies in Fairbanks to choose from. Denali Air has free parking to accommodate guests arriving to Denali Air via rental car.

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