Updated Operating Policies for the 2020 Season

We want to be sure you are informed in advance of the safety procedures we will have in place for your visit as we adjust to the challenges of operating during a pandemic. Maintaining a safe environment for our employees and guests is our top priority, and we are grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us.

If you are trying to cancel an existing reservation for the 2020 Season, please contact us or read our updated cancellation policy for 2020.

Dates of Operation

This 2020 season we will only open for guests from August 1st through August 18th.

Will it be ‘business as usual’?

No, it won’t; it can’t be. We are operating in a different world than the one we operated in last summer. We will host only a small fraction of the number of guests we would normally be hosting. So in some ways, you– the guests coming this season–will have a very unique opportunity to experience Denali National Park and the Kantishna area without the usual crowds. Your visit will be more personal and low-key. And, there will be more safety precautions in place. 

Since late June, new COVID-19 cases have increased substantially in Alaska. Public health authorities continue to recommend a combination of social distancing (maintaining a 6 foot distance) and wearing face coverings as the most effective way to prevent the spread of the virus.

Increased Safety Procedures

During your visit to the Kantishna Roadhouse and Kantishna Wilderness Trails, we will require all guests to wear a face covering while riding our buses and other vehicles and in all public spaces. Whether a cloth or paper mask or a scarf or bandanna, the face covering must be worn at all times and must cover both the mouth and nose.

If you forget to bring your mask, we will provide one.

Our employees are required to wear masks at all times while working and interacting with others. We wear our masks to protect you, and your masks will help protect us.

If you are opposed to wearing a mask, please let us know right away so that we can help you change or cancel your reservation. We are happy to re-book you to next year when we may not have to take these extreme safety measures.

Temperature Checks & Safety Questions
As a further precaution, we will be asking each guest a set of questions before boarding the bus and also taking and recording each guest’s temperature. The CDC states that a fever is 100.4 degree F/38 degrees C or higher. If you register a fever you should not be out in public and we will not be able to allow you to board the bus. Therefore, we advise you to take your own temperature regularly while traveling and if you do have a fever, please call our reservations office (1-800-942-7420) and cancel your stay with us BEFORE showing up to board the bus. (Note: If you are staying overnight with us, your temperature will be taken and recorded each morning as you enter the lodge for breakfast.)

Our drivers will be cleaning handrails and other high contact surfaces on the buses at each rest stop and the bus will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day.

Physical Distancing
At the lodge, we will seat your group together at a private table that is adequately spaced away from others.  And all activities will all be organized to comply with social distancing.

Additional Cleaning
On the bus, our drivers will be cleaning handrails and other high contact surfaces on the buses at each rest stop and the bus will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day.

At the lodge, we will be cleaning and disinfecting the public areas several times throughout the day.  We will NOT be coming into your private room to make it up each day; instead, we will supply your cabin with enough towels and toiletries to last the length of your stay; and if you need something more, it will be available at the front desk.  This will allow you to have a truly private (mask free!) space of your own that no one else will enter while you are there. 

We’re Excited to Host You

While there are changes to our operations, what hasn’t changed at all is the extreme beauty of Denali—the mountains, lakes, streams, the flora and fauna are as spectacular today as they were before Covid-19.  And we want very much to provide an opportunity for you to come and enjoy this amazing place in a safe and sensible way. 

Thank you for reading through this information and carefully considering the changes we have made.  And again, if you do not feel comfortable for any reason, please call and change or cancel your reservation. 

Marie Monroe
Marie Monroe
General Manager Kantishna Roadhouse
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